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It might have started as your basic everyday P2P reseller marketplace. But whether you’re just side-hustling or starting a new fashion brand of your own, if you want to tap into Gen Z dollars and get a bit of immediate fashion cred [by sitting alongside some lux brands], you’re 100% going to have to start slinging some shoppable videos onto Depop asap.

If Kitson in LA and a Buffalo Exchange had a baby [app], this would be it!

The dope idea here is to create an incubator for new and up & coming fashion designers, while leveraging the Depop platform to its fullest — to take advantage of its shoppable video content, its portfolio of well known luxury fashion brands, and its deep reach & engagement with its 90% Gen Z audience of 30 million users spanning 150 countries.

Once you can onboard and assemble a dozen or so individual brands or designers together, you can quickly change gears and adopt more of a Thrasio, Heyday, or Perch like (Amazon Shop Aggregators) business mindset. This is how you can start to leverage the value of the entire brand portfolio — where the sum total of brands far outweighs the audience reach and gross merchandise value of each individual brand on its own.

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